Like Rick said, with friends like Nappy, the Movement don't need enemies. 

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Beautifully, beautifully written Sal! Buck just can't stand the thought the 
whole deal was a con, so he grasps at straws.

Funny thing is, I don't say anything that Buck hasn't already said, he doesn't 
like how things are run and quotes a great many of his friends who like TM but 
don't have anything to do with the movement. It's the oldest story there is. 

And it's only the cultish greed and madness of the Maharishi and the TMO that 
drove the indie teachers away in the first place. I know because I was there! 
All they want to do is teach what they think is the best thing on Earth and 
they weren't allowed to because of the high prices and control freakery in 
Vlodrop. So they bailed. 

They think that Marshy lost the plot in his later years and didn't know what he 
was doing, so they continue to teach what they were taught by him when he was 
more compos mentis. All in their opinion of course, but looking at the way 
things went after Scorpionland and the "rajas" maybe they are on the smart side 
of history, it isn't like any of it has been popular with anyone but the 
hardcore. And it was alienating to the rest of us. 

I honestly thought Buck would be happy about more people learning TM but I 
don't think he is. Go figure.

I honestly think that Buck and Nabby and (increasingly) Steve just don't 
respond to positive stimuli any more. They've been cultists for so long that 
the only thing that seems to make them "happy" is the belief that they're being 
"persecuted." Because if they're worth persecuting, they're "important."

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