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If all the "retired" initiators got together and pooled their pocket change, they could muster up some slick-ass posters announcing TM courses for $19.95 and tape those suckers up all around town.

/There is nothing preventing you from starting your own meditation movement - you can teach anything you want to as long as you don't call it "TM." It would cost you only a few dollars to print up a few flyers to hand out in your neighborhood. You should have been teaching yoga meditation to all your friends. What happened to get you locked into the TMer guru yoga? Go figure./

Let's see the TMO reach into their pockets and come at 2,000 "ex" initiators with their $3,000.00 suited-up Trademark lawyers costing $700/hr. Yeah, right, like they could even have the "go-to lackies on staff" to put together a war of lawsuits, let alone convince Girish to pay for it.

And they'd be too stupid to come up with some response to the "2000 demons attack," that would make lemonade out of it as it hit the headlines. "Hit the headlines" -- one of my better jokes. The silence would be so DUH. No one cares.

But actually, I'm fucking miffed. I studied my ass off to pass checking/puja tests. And then I performed for the TMO with tons of initiations.

But nooooooooooooooooo, I'm not a recert, so I'm fucking piece of shit, and if you think I'm exaggerating, then you never had the course office fuck with your head in the most Nazi-esque manner. If you're not bringing in money to the movement you are a stinking fucking turd -- you can feel it in their handshakes.

So: with all that l I did and now I can't put up a poster and, what? -- they own my ass?

Fuck. That. Shit.

If I was still a believer, it'd be worth it to test the TMO's metal on this and see if they'd sue me, cuz even small claims court would cost them several large to get someone to show up in the physical to defend the TMO properties. And they won't do that.


Because they know the territory would never produce enough initiations to cover the legal expenses to protect the trademarks. They fucking know that no one can sell TM very well these days, so there's not an actual threat to them -- income-wise. And since no one cares, the dilution of the Trademarks is insignificant, and if the TMO had a vegetable cutter in the kitchen send out legalese sounding threat letters, then that would be about it -- they'd have covered their asses enough to keep their marks their legal properties.

Man-o-Man, if any of the biggies wants me to donate a thousand bucks to the TMO, just offer me a nose to target with no repercussions. Yep, I would spend that to konk that honker on Tubby B. Yes, I would. I'd leave my desk right now at 10:20 P.M. and be in Fairfield in five hours flat with cash in hand.

Think of the essays I could write after that!

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