dear Richard, imho this is you at your best: the writing is funny and profound 
and yet not negative in a personal way. Thanks...

On Tuesday, October 14, 2014 8:28 AM, "'Richard J. Williams' [FairfieldLife]" <> wrote:


>According to a recent poll here in Fairfield, 100% of meditators are not the 
>slightest bit interested in the Hammond thing. Those interested registered at 
>0%. Details of the poll: conducted between Oct. 12 and 13. Number of 
>respondents: 5. Margin of error: zero. 
On 10/13/2014 9:06 PM, [FairfieldLife] wrote:

I love it. Thanks for the reply. So it appears the only ones who are at all 
interested (shall I say obsessed) with this are those here at FFL who are the 
biggest TM detractors. Fascinating.
By far the impostor MJ and the TurqB have been the most interested in Hammond's 
November 30 meeting; Curtis may actually attend and sing a song for the 
audience as a warm up act. 

What this proves is that the detractors are still obsessed with the Maharishi 
Mahesh Yogi. Go figure.

It looks like MJ and Barry have been obsessed with the person of MMY and his 
comings-and-goings for a long time - he must have made a deep impression. With 
his passing I thought the reporters would lose interest in bashing the yogi.

What this exchange proves to me is that most of the informants posting here 
were actually practicing 'guru yoga' for all those years, not TM. Guru yoga has 
been defined as an obsession with a teacher and his personality.

The practice TM of course has nothing to do with MMY or the TMO.

So, it may be that MJ and Barry and a few others were in fact not practicing TM 
- they were just mood-making. Which is why their practice failed to work very 
well for them, leaving them unsatisfied and bitter.

Anyone who can think can meditate, but you're not supposed to try and control 
your thoughts and try to imagine what Mahesh was doing up in his two-room 
apartment every minute of the day. 

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