and you are being blind Ann - Hagelin obviously felt it important enough to do 
a preemptive strike and warn TM'ers to stay away - when did you decide that 
Feste represents the majority of movement TM'ers?

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the fact that Hagelin felt it enough of a threat to address it in an offical 
"Private and Confidential" letter to Certified Governors is more than enough to 
show you are blustering and posturing, trying to salvage the old good feelings 
you used to have that Marshy and the Movement were something to be proud of and 
proud of being associated with them. 

This is getting all so whacked out of joint here. Somehow you have travelled 
some windy and convoluted road to get to what your post above says when all we 
did was begin with some George guy who is apparently going to give an audience 
in some auditorium back East messages from the deceased MMY. There has been a 
very large and unsupported leap from that fact to what you and others here are 
positing and implying about Feste and others who don't give a shit about what 
George has to say. You are making something out of nothing, are things a little 
slow where you live? Are there no moldering old TM articles which can be 
brought forth as evidence of the scamming nature of the Movement? Someone, get 
this man some old newspapers.

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