no more than your obsession with everything I say and do - why waste time 
Stevie? Why not post some TM positive stuff that Share can simper and gush 
over? That way you can both be happy.

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You've hit your quota early today, Michael.

The quota of tying anything, in any quarter, to a deficiency of the TMO.

But, you say you are not obsessed, or displaying cult-like mentality?

If you say so.

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If you read his reasons for grabbling at his parishioners gonads, his excuses 
are as ridiculous as the crap the Movement feeds people about why they should 
believe all the Hindu superstition passed off as science.
Ernest Angley’s Grace Cathedral rocked by accusations in...
Depending whom you ask, one of two things is happening at the big Cuyahoga 
Falls church run by legendary television evangelist Ernest Angley:  
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