Douglaaaaas! Now chil', yo gossiping be beneef yo transcendental upbringin'. 
You be repeatin' unsubstantiated rumors. Miss Varina didn't  have nair one, 
nappy hair on her head! Lawd h'mercy, what is dis world comin' to? 

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You really do need psychiatric help - who in the world was talking about 


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A mulatto?  Dear
MJ, I am so very sorry to be the one to bring this to you.  I know
you'll feel this is sort of hitting behind the lines:  Jefferson
Davis' wife was a mulatto.  Evidently a kept woman raised up a slave
by a master.  I am sorry for you but quite evidently from the top down the
South was hypocritical and rotten.  Om, there goes the lost cause

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