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If astrology is real - and there is absolutely no reason to suppose it is  - I 
would avoid travelling to other planets. Just think what being on Mars would do 
to someone with Jupiter strong in their chart! You're about 100 million miles 
closer to it! And what affect will Earth have on us? Just think if there is 
some physical force connecting us to planets surely the one we stand on would 
swamp any effect from the others, or doesn't ours count?

One Martian colonist to another: "I have Earth in the first house. What does 
that make me?"

"Earth doesn't do diddley-squat to you, no matter where it appears in your 
'chart', but a belief in astrology by definition makes you a gullible idiot. I 
thought that the psychological tests for astronauts were supposed to screen out 
people like you." 

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