Yep, I never had much interest in being super rich, or famous, just happy, and 
successful, with myself, my family, and my friends, which can be enough of a 
challenge, if you always dream big. Those that go after fame and fortune, 
dedicate themselves 100% to the goal. And they succeed. Some of these people in 
interviews, express, how, at the age of five or so, they wanted to be on stage, 
or vowed to themselves, to be rich. Very one-pointed. 
 I am happy, and ordinary, and ecstatic right now, as it has just started 
*pouring rain*, a sound I haven't heard since one night in the mountains, back 
in March! Jai Guru WATER! Such a soothing sound for us all, in this drought. 
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 Oh, I missed this from Barry.   

 Barry, this is attempt on your part, to remind yourself of this, right?

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 Turq:  There is NO ONE on this forum who has accomplished much of *anything* 
with their lives, as measured by either riches or fame. Certainly no TM TB on 
this forum has ever accomplished much of anything. What is WRONG with reminding 
these people how fuckin' ORDINARY they are? 

Hey, I'm pretty fucking cool, and my resentment is that for 29 years, I was 
always trying to prove to myself that TM was the reason for my impressiveness.

Turns out, I was always cool, always a writer/inventor, always creative, always 
full of hope and love for living.

So there's the concept:  whatever we did have by way of excellencies Maharishi 

Now that's Grand Theft.

If you had coattails, the movement wanted a free ride on them.  

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