You are being too kind - they have already proven the Marshy Effect is 
bullshit, but in typical Movement fashion, they take what is proof of it not 
working and claim it is in fact working. The infamous Washington DC project 
where the crime rate actually increased is oneof those proofs, yet Hagelin who 
won the IgNoble prize for physics for saying so claimed that the crime rate 
actually DECREASED 18% from what it would have been had they not been doing 
TMSP there. 

I'm not sure if he ever revealed what crystal ball he used to be able to know 
what things would have been like if they hadn't been there. Its the very same 
bullshit Marshy always used - someone is about to jump off a building thinking 
they can fly after rounding for months on end and that ass would claim 
something good is happening cuz it was stress leaving the body.

anything to claim effects for TM that aren't there so they can make more money 
selling it.

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Permanent peace? We could sure use that right now.

I for one, hope that this project works. and as usual, I commend the optimists 
for trying things that seem bizarre to the rest of us. This is what science is 
all about, daring to think outside the box and test the boundaries, we'd never 
have learnt anything if we'd didn't ask questions and been content thinking 
that the Earth was flat.

Another principle of science is that, if a theory is found to be null during 
the testing stage and no supporting evidence is found, the idea is abandoned in 
favour of a more likely explanation. Can I request that the TMO does this in 
the event of world peace not manifesting and publicly declare that TM doesn't 
appear to have any effect on world events. And I humbly request that they 
definitely don't don't start coming up with thin excuses like "there is too 
much stress in collective consciousness" and then having another big 
fundraising round for the next coherence project. Ta.

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today on Maharishi Channel 3, progress report on 50,000 new Yogic Flyers within 
3 months, to create Permanent Peace right now, so many pictures of thousands of 
blissful yogis flying high!
can be seen right now by sliding back in time a bit on

Maharishi Channel 3
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