ROFLMAO! this guy hit the nail on the head! Loved the part about *intuition*. 
I've been saying for years now that nobody *thinks* any more, they just *feel*. 
I assume because it leaves your self a way *out* of a dumb idea. I also 
identified with the part about spiritual competition. That is one of the first 
things that started turning me off about the TM movement and still does to this 
day."oh, Maharishi wouldn't want that.." That's to let the other person know 
that you're *in tune* with the master and they aren't. Good video. 

On Wednesday, October 15, 2014 12:17 AM, "TurquoiseBee 
[FairfieldLife]" <> wrote:

If this video had been around back in the day, none of you people would have 
ever had to move to Fairfield to learn all this stuff. Just sayin'...

What Does It Mean To Be Spiritual? | Global Freedom Movement

What Does It Mean To Be Spiritual? | Global Freedom Mo...
Spirituality is so 'in' right now. Life coaches, spiritual gurus and 
shakti-loving goddesses pave the way forward. So what does it mean to be 
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