--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, Vaj <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On Nov 13, 2005, at 10:46 AM, Jason Spock wrote:
> > The Siddhis are the logic consequence out of TM. Look into the  
> > Samyama-principle: Dharana ("fixing"), dhyana ("gliding") and  
> > samadhi ("landing"). These three parameters (always) form the  
> > natural movement of the mind. The result is  
> > "concentrating" (ekagrata parinama). In TM you start with 
> > the mantra in a repetitive manner. The emphasis is on dharana. 
> > to the three-guna principle the result is samadhi. In the 
> > the fixing aspect is being put into the back-ground. Emphasis is 
> > dhyana ("coming back to the simplest form of awareness" -= 
> > instruction). By this you pass through samadhi and end up in  
> > dharana (fixation = manifestation). This is pure applicable 
> > of mind.
> Siddhis, attainment of powers of all kinds, is a great
> temptation in the life of an initiate. The danger in the pursuit of
> siddhis is twofold:
> 1. At the slightest appearance of some hunch or some prediction  
> coming through, and so forth, one begins to imagine himself as a  
> siddha, an adept.
> 2. One becomes tied down to the desires for such powers and dreams 
> subtle ego. One might say, "Oh, if only 1 had the power to read  
> others' minds I could help many more students." But deep inside 
> sub-conscious, there lurks the impurity which would not help the  
> students but simply invade the privacy of their minds and derive 
> these invasions certain vicarious pleasures. Or one thinks, "If 
> 1 could predict which horse would win the lottery I could help my  
> guru financially." One day I asked Swamiji,
> "Why do you have to ask for funds! Why do you not simply buy a  
> lottery ticket on a horse you know would win?" He told me quite  
> sternly, "Don't you even think of that. Work honestly with your 
> Work honestly to pay your karma and do not look or such easy ways 
> If one finds that special experiences or powers are coming one's 
> the injunction is to conceal them carefully and not make your  
> meditation group into a gossip club, every one vying with each 
> everyone saying, "wait till you hear my experience!" The siddhis 
> not in fact any kind of attainments in the sense that they are  
> additions to one's personality. According to the Yoga Sutras of  
> Patanjali, they are simply the unblocking of power. As one 
> on the path of meditation one begins to sense the presence of 
> faculties within. There is a great temptation to sit by the 
> watching this beautiful scenery of siddhis and if one does not  
> resist, the path and the goal are forgotten. The recent trend in  
> certain meditation circles to popularize siddhis and to sell them 
> a certain fee, is highly frowned upon by the masters of the 
> -Pundit Usharbudh Arya, lineal holder of Patanjali YS tradition 
> expert on the practice and commentaries.

And the Masters of the Himalayas, is so right.
I had a lot of "Sidhi experiences" as a child and grown-up, living 
in silence in the forest - Years before I learned TM. And after I 
stopped with the TM-Sidhi-techniques, they are coming back in a 
natural way. All the expectations following the TM-Sidhi-teqniques - 
encouraged by MMY, was not good at all, from my point of view. 

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