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   Buck, if you have happened to have read Michael' posts here, he seems very 
passionate in what he feels is right, not cold at all. And all of us here have 
had the 'blessings' of the movement and it has produced what you see here on 
FFL. The result is as varied as life itself. Maybe only 10% of those who learn 
TM stick with it, and 90% end up doing something else or just stopping. Those 
who drop off but do something else that works for them, be happy for them. Some 
drift off the spiritual path, and some reach the end of the path and walk off 
(the only rational thing to do in that case). Those that oppose the movement 
are testing its mettle, its truthfulness, its integrity, for they find it 
wanting. The ones that are dangerous are the ones that remain on the path 
forever; they are the ones that have truly failed.


The last sentence contains a valuable point. What could be more *embarrassing* 
than spending 30 or 40 years of one's life pursuing a spiritual path that led 
nowhere, and then actually being content with being nowhere?

 Where is "nowhere"? Sounds like a Zen koan of some sort. Think of it, "I am 
nowhere" and let's add, "I am nobody". How does that work? Sounds positively 
transcendental. You have to be nowhere and nobody to have arrived and to 
become. LOL.

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