Richard, I like you a lot and I enjoy many of your posts. I just hope that you 
see the irony of your saying that it's "the redundant factor that is so 
disappointing." I'm just saying: I think you've posted turq's quote about 
Rama's rising off the couch so many times, I almost know it by heart!

On Wednesday, October 15, 2014 7:34 AM, "'Richard J. Williams' [FairfieldLife]" <> wrote:


so, sure, you've elected to make this mission one of your life goals.  The 
question might be, what is it taking time from? 
>this of course is unlike Barry who has indicated he writes his posts at 
>lightning speed, never proof reads and spends maybe five or ten minutes a day 
>To which I say, really?
On 10/14/2014 8:48 PM, [FairfieldLife] wrote:

>To which I say,"Why and when did he get so lazy and uncaring?" It takes 
>nothing to be sloppy, slapdash and careless. Those kinds of people are a dime 
>a dozen.
To which I say, most of the informants on this list couldn't write a junior 
high school essay in longhand and get a "C" on it, not to mention 
"speed-typing" without proofing - on a cheap laptop computer inside a crowded 
dimly-lit bar or cafe in Amsterdam - after a few beers while at the same time 
eating a taco with your right hand. 

The word count of most messages on this list wouldn't even qualify for as a 
good tweet.

It's not about the number of messages the informants post or where or how long 
it takes them to compose one - it's all about the content. It's the redundant 
factor that is so disappointing.  How many times are they going to post that 
Fairfield suicide article?   Go figure. 
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