I think Turq nailed it some time ago when he said the TMO has never wanted to 
have a group big enough to do what they claim it will because then the proof 
will be there - giant group of "yogic flyers" - no world peace - no more 

I think they are making the same exhortation Marshy used to use to get people 
to "donate" for a 10,000 group. Since they have asked repeatedly for that 
number and nothing has ever come of it, they have to make it bigger, make the 
stakes and the promises bigger to get more donations. 

And if they aren't hitting people up for money for the big groups now they 
will. Then they will continue to ask for money even tho the groups never 
materialize or come up with some other big project to replace this one without 
ever explaining what happened to the 50,000 for instant peace. Another 
misdirection technique they learned from the Fraud Master Marshy.

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You are being too kind - 

Actually, I thought I was being successfully rather sarcastic!

I thought it was a really good post, I gave it two stars.

Not too shabby, especially as I've got a stinking cold.

Maybe double-edged would be a better description than sarcastic.

I was serious though, even though I don't believe in it I think it's good that 
it's being tested again and with so many that it will leave us in no doubt.  I 
can't imagine what the TMO will do when they don't have a leg to stand on 
regarding the Maharishi Effect. I know they'll just carry on regardless but 
they should take heed that we'll always be able to point to this and say "what 
about...". Unless it turns out they are right of course, in which case it'll be 
humble pie for the sceptics unless we're all too enlightened to care!
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