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Vol. 30, #3, October 15, 2014
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AmeriCorps Volunteers Increase Energy Efficiency in Community

Three alumni of the Sustainable Living program began as AmeriCorps volunteers 
in September and will spend 11 months helping the University and Jefferson 
County increase energy efficiency and sustainability by offering free energy 
audits as well as community outreach, sustainability education events, and 
low-cost or free weatherization.

"I had been wanting to share the information and inspiration that I gained in 
the Sustainable Living program," said Alexandra (Pomeroy) Crow, the team's 
logistics coordinator. "It's great to have an opportunity to transition out of 
school but still give back to the community."

AmeriCorps volunteers serve for 11 months and receive a stipend during that 
time. Other alumni involved include Prana Miller, marketing coordinator, and 
Taylor Kneisley, audit coordinator. Two more volunteers are being added as the 
education and outreach coordinators.

During the cold months, the team will be focusing on energy audits and 
weatherization. In addition, a major focus is outreach and offering education 
to the community.

While their mission is to serve all of Jefferson County, the University, as the 
team's host site, will be a special focus. The team hopes to raise the 
University's rating by the American Association of Sustainability in Higher 
Education. In addition to educational and outreach events, the team will 
document and systematize the sustainability practices and features already in 
place on campus.

Anyone interested in a free energy audit can sign up at Once an audit has been performed, the team is 
available to weatherize the home — either for low cost or for free.

In addition, they evaluate appliances and can recommend replacement with 
energy-efficient models that are eligible for a rebate from Alliant.

While all audits are free, the weatherizations are usually only at the cost of 
the materials. The materials are free for those who are veterans, low-income, 
disabled, or over 65. Those interested need not be a homeowner to take 
advantage of the offerings, but will need to have a signed waiver from their 

The volunteers are part of Green Iowa, a State and National AmeriCorps program 
that has existed since 2009. AmeriCorps is a division of the Corporation for 
National and Community Service, a federal program created by President Bill 
Clinton in 1993.

AmeriCorps consists of a network of national service programs that strive to 
meet critical needs in education, public safety, health, and the environment. 
Green Iowa funding largely comes from government grants as well as 
organizations such as Alliant and MUM.

MUM is one of six Green Iowa host sites in the state. According to Ms. Crow, 
MUM was invited by the program director because the University is considered a 
leader in sustainability. Being a host site entails providing office space, a 
vehicle, office supplies, and a site supervisor.

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