First off, I am willing to believe the CIA did send folks to check on what 
Marshy was doing since they and our FBI have certainly infiltrated many a group 
to see what they were about. 

But you seem to allege that there were dozens of agents - not likely maybe one 
or two but Marshy never merited that kind of attention that would require 
dozens of CIA agents.

Plus the way you tell it, Movement security (which has always been a joke in 
every Movement facility I was ever in, and that includes your German Purusha 
Nazi types who wear swastikas under their ties and celebrate Uncle Adolph's 
birthday) that means Movement security was way more savvy and astute than 
trained CIA agents??? Not likely.

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Nablusoss1008 believes this because Maharishi believed it.  :-)

Nonsense. I don't believe in it, I know it happened because I was part of it. 
Even one of my friends was caught red-handed with a letter to his accounting 
officer and quickly admitted to having work for the German intelligence, who 
was just a subdivision of the CIA. Maharishi simply asked him if he would break 
the ties, he did and is fulltime in the Movement to this day.

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