Although the dangers of GMO crops and Monsanto is the ONE area you and I agree 
on, this is much ado about nothing simply because the cowardly Dutch government 
has banned Roundup from PRIVATE citizen use but not for agricultural use, which 
is by FAR the largest use in the country. The amount backyard gardeners use is 
minute compared to farm use. This amounts to very little in the effort to get 
Roundup banned altogether.

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The government of the Netherlands just took a huge step to protect its citizens 
– and it's time more countries did the same. Monsanto's Roundup, a toxic 
weedkiller that contaminates soil and water, causes devastating health problems 
in humans who are exposed to it. Now it's illegal for private persons to buy it 
in the Netherlands.
Monsanto just lost a whole country.
       Monsanto just lost a whole country.  
The Dutch parliament banned the sale of Roundup, Monsanto's favorite poison.  
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