I'll bet Barry's "lurking reporters" are a couple of out of work twenty year 
olds, having him on. We are all waiting for the cult 'expose' - LOL
 ["Tiffany", from "The Washington Post"]: Turq, this will blow the doors off 
the TMO. We have formed a committee to discuss all of the points you have 
 [Turq]: No problem - That's my thang! Maharishi sux - lol
 ["Tiffany", from "The Washington Post"]: He sure does - lol
 ["Chuck", from "The York Times"]: This is perfect - All we need is a little 
more upfront funding, and you'll make Snowden look like peanuts.
 [Turq]: I'll show those bastards!
 ["Tiffany", from "The Washington Post"]: You sure will!
 ["Chuck", from "The York Times"]: Absofuckinglutely!! Now, we received the two 
hundred bucks, for story copyright, though we will need another five hundred, 
for the movie rights - Spielberg is having a look - This is gunna be huge!
 [Turq]: I am wiring the funds as we speak, Sir!! Do you really think I'll be 
notorious, like you promised??
 ["Chuck", from "The York Times"]: Global bad-ass, Guaranteed! We can help you 
market that, too...

---In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, <steve.sundur@...> wrote :

 Note to Lurking Reporters. 

 Dear RP's.

 Does it seem strange that this 70 year old man, Mr. Barry Wright, spends as 
much time as he does trying to find faults in an organization he left some 40 
years ago?

 Does it seem odd, that he would become so animated when he finds what he feels 
is an out of whack comment by another member of the forum, as though all the 
time he puts in here, has had some payoff?

 Does it, again, seem odd, that another member here, Mr. Michael Jackson, seems 
to have taken on, as a part of "his life mission" uncovering all the faults of 
the TM organization and it's founder, repeating the same lines over and over 
each day?

 Dear Mr. and Ms. Lurking Reporters.  Please reveal yourselves, and weight in 
on some of issues and behaviors you observe here.

 One word of caution though. If you response does not meet with the 
expectations of Mr. Wright, he will turn on you in angry fashion as he did with 
another member here a week or so ago.

 If interested, you can re-visit this exchange between Mr. Wright, and a 
Mr.Blue Bungalow.

 Mr. Wright went positively ballistic.

 Mr. Bungalow, remained nonplussed.

 Sort of revealing, I'd say for the guy who claims to be so unattached to 
anything that goes on here.

 Just sayin'

---In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, <turquoiseb@...> wrote :

 Got that, lurking reporters? Just the other day a couple of you were asking me 
to document my opinion that many long-term TMers were "certifiably paranoid" 
and committed to a "them vs. us mentality." 


 I submit this as the proof you were asking for. Nablusoss1008 believes this 
because Maharishi believed it.  :-)


 From: nablusoss1008 <no_re...@yahoogroups.com>
 To: FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com 
 Sent: Wednesday, October 15, 2014 5:15 PM
 Subject: Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: About Nov. 30 and the TM movement
   It includes the armed men we caught on the bridge between hotels Sonnenberg 
and Kulm. It also includes dozens of agents that took TTC many of whom went on 
to Purusha. It also includeds Governors so poor that when they waved a few 
thousands dollars in front of their anemic noses they did almost anything to 
make their new masters happy.
 Not that they had to do much, a weekly report sent to their accounting officer 
was all that was needed to adhere to the strict rules of economic 
self-suffisciency always present within the Movement. So when we started 
looking, which included asking a few questions in the countries they came from, 
they needed some pretty good explanation to where the money came from.
 Now, that's what I call a real enemy that was always fun to try to track. They 
did it not because they had some screews loose but to protect their country, 
which is a honorable thing to do.
 The wacko's of today has no such honor and cannot touch the Movement.  All 
they'll accomplish is some momentary swelling of ego's already out of control.

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