Title: Purusha and Prakriti
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  First, let me begin with the concept of Ramana.  He says that, "Superiority & inferiority", there is duality.  Duality is not real, so it belongs to illusion.
    Here is this important excerpt from, "The Cosmic Matrix" by Rishi Kumar Mishra.
    Quote,"Purusha and Prakriti, two crucial tattwas in the cosmic matrix, have been grossly misunderstood and misinterpreted both in the philosophical and scientific domains.  Likened to the male and female principles, their meaning has been imprisoned by gender stereotypes of western civilisation.  Not only this caused havoc in the sciences discussed in the vedas and indexed in the geeta; but grave distortions have been injected into the understanding of ethics, law, customs, social arrangements and above all, male-female relationships based on the vedic principles as enunciated by the seer-scientists.  The usage of the term `Purusha' to communicate the masculint gender is a narrow view of the word. By superimposing this meaning on other, more profound contexts, commentators and translators have obscured the real significance of this factor in the cosmic arrangement.

   The relationship between Prakriti and Purusha is not hierarchical. The two are interwined, something perhaps difficult to comprehend in a cultural context, wherein all relations are based on Superiority and inferiority: between 'Humans and animals', 'men and women', 'followers of one profession and another', 'ruler and the ruled', and so forth.  
   In contrast, the social arrangement flowing from, and based on the perceptions of the seer-scientists is in harmony with the cosmic balance.  This indicates that all sentient and inanimate beings, all species and all sexes -- in fact, all entities and individuals -- are bound to each other  and among themselves in a comprehensive and complex matrix of interdependence.
   The Sun, moon and earth have different functions and varying locations on the cosmic-canvas, but are not related to each other in a hierarchical fashion.  Various dimensions of their relationship need to be examined in depth and applied creatively in order to establish an order of harmony and happiness in the Universe.  Such an order would not be based on concepts of superiority and inferiority', but on relationships of interdependence." UnQuote

   In other words, 'Without a servant, there is no master', 'Without a disciple, there is no guru',  'without a student, there is no teacher',  'without some subjects, there is no king'.  etc etc

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