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 there are examples in physics when one particle instantaneously affects 
another at a great distance. I don't recall the name of this effect, whether it 
is the Bose Einstein Condensation, or something else, but we have examples in 
physics, that are roughly analogous to the ME.

 I know I have heard of amazing things like a monkey thousands of miles away 
from other monkeys learns how to use a tool or other skill and suddenly the 
other monkeys far away also adopt this skill. So I know very cool and seemingly 
unexplained phenomena can and do exist. But world peace, so far, seems to not 
have been one of those phenomenon as it relates to the ME. On the other hand, 
we're all still here and some obliterating nuclear war hasn't occurred yet so 
maybe that does qualify as world peace after all.

 Not making any claims, just stating what physics has found.

 I wouldn't expect sal to consider that there could be some connection, until 
he hears it from some authority.






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