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Richard, thanks for the review (-:
But didn't turq write this quite a while ago? I'm just sayin...
/It doesn't matter when the TurqB made the claim, but in fact it's been dozens of times since he began posting to social media. But, the point is that by their silence, all the other informants on FFL seem to believe him. Now that's a thought-stopper!

Sometimes it's what people don't say that is important to the discussion. On most any other fair and balanced discussion group Barry would have been asked to leave after calling almost everyone else on the forum liars and True Believers - when in fact, he is the True Believing liar, according to Judy. Go figure./

/"I've seen someone levitate. Many times. In many settings, from the Los Angeles // //Convention Center to the Anza-Borrego Desert to a Denny's restaurant in the wee //
//hours of the night."/ - TurquoiseB

Subject: TM is a Cult?
Author: TurquoiseB
Group: Yahoo Fairfieldife
Date: Friday, 23 May 2014

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Richard, I like you a lot and I enjoy many of your posts. I just hope that you see the irony of your saying that it's "the redundant factor that is so disappointing." I'm just saying: I think you've posted turq's quote about Rama's rising off the couch so many times, I almost know it by heart!
/Thanks. I get a kick out of making Barry look like a dumb True Believer - he is so arrogant and boastful when he makes fun of the average TMer. So , let's review:

Barry said he saw Fred Lenz "slowly lifting up off the sofa and sitting in midair for two to three minutes. Or stepping up off the ground in the desert and then flying around several feet above the ground for a while." /


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