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The Talks: David Lynch on filmmaking and meditation | Irish Times: Sheryl Crow 
on rebooting her life including meditation

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10/15/14, 6:50 PM
"Stories should have the suffering, not the people." - David Lynch on 
filmmaking and meditation in @the_talks:

Thanks to John Burns for this:

Sheryl Crow: ‘Cancer rebooted the way I looked at my life’
Tony Clayton-Lea
Irish Times: Thu, Oct 16, 2014, 01:00
“Oh, look,” she laughs, “I’m older, I have two kids, and so my energies are 
going into different areas. I’m just meditating and channelling George Harrison 
– he said that, in order to manifest peace without, you have to manifest peace 
within. That’s what I’m propagating at this point in my life. I’m trying to 
stay awake and conscious and to be an example of that.”
It’s taken her some time to get to this point. “I’ve been meditating for about 
17 years, but it has ebbed and flowed and didn’t become  something in the 
forefront until the past few years.”
She is a person, she reveals, that requires a degree of tranquillity, if not 
solitude. There is, therefore, an underlying sense that Sheryl Crow ruminates 
too much, too often, and analyses situations into the ground. She doesn’t 
necessarily disagree.
Some of you may remember this interview that John added to this email: 

Sheryl Crow eloquently makes the case for Transcendental Meditation to be 
taught in schools

Heather Hartnett with the David Lynch Foundation interviews Sheryl Crow about 
world peace, and individual peace from within. This interview took place at 
Radio City Hall in New York.

Below is a two minute transcription:

Sheryl Crow says:

This event to me is one of the most important events to happen at this moment 
in our history. As we all know, we are living and navigating through an immense 
amount of chaos in the universe. 

Our kids are growing up with this chaos and this kind of stress that is being 
handed down to them and thrust upon them. They are not equipped to understand 
how the central nervous system is braced at all times to try and handle that. 
It comes out in very, very destructive ways sometimes with kids. Whether it is 
not being interested in school, or whether it is getting into violence or 
drugs... or whatever that is... This is the right thing to do, it is the 
message that should be sent throughout the world, that all of us on this planet 
can talk about peace. Peace begins with all of us. It is not about having a 
peaceful relationship with somebody, which means not getting in arguments, or 
getting along. Peace is something deeper than that it is tapping into something 
that exists in all of us, and that makes us unique, and that helps us to be 
pure. But, we get away from that because our brains are so overactive and we 
are constantly being dictated by chaos. 

I feel this (Transcendental Meditation) is the right thing to do and it should 
be in the school systems, but it should also be a part of our daily lives 

Sheryl Crow supports the David Lynch Foundation, which helps kids to learn 
Transcendental Meditation for more clarity and inner calm.

I just posted this comment about it. Please Like it. 

Sheryl Crow sang George Harrison's My Sweet Lord with Ben Harper at the David 
Lynch Foundation's Change Begins Within concert at Radio City Music Hall in 
April 2009. Paul and Ringo also performed in support of the cause. Watch Sheryl 
talk about the significance of the concert and the value of Transcendental 
Meditation to bring peace to kids in schools. Watch 
highlights of that magical concert here

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