You are correct in that in rereading what I wrote, I should have said
something like "a visible minority of TM teachers and govs are often
preoccupied ...."

I didn't mean to say all TM teachers are like that -- I wrote it too
hastily. I agree with you "A lot of TM teachers and governors are not
preoccupied with making money at all, whether quickly or slowly." The

My point is that I have seen a lot of others who reflect the
characteristics of my points. And it appears to me a higher proportion
than found in society as a whole, though maybe I tend to hang with
maintstream career types and my vision is skewed. There certainly is a
lot of mojo in the lottery. Though I don't personally know many people
who buy such lousy odds gambles.

And my personal experience with easy money teachers  was in the 70's
and then looking a bit at a distance in the 80's and 90's -- with
periodic personal encounters that appeared to confirm what I was
seeing and hearing from afar. 

And FF appears to have had its share, actually a higher share than
mainstream society from what I can tell, of scam artists, easy money
schemes etc. Along with a lot of hard working people in intelligently
concieved businesses. 

So sorry if my observations were overgeneralized, but for a segment of
teachers, I still believe its a fair characterization.

--- In, "feste37" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> From my 35+ years in and around the movement, I've not observed
this. I think you could argue that the reverse is true, at least as
far as your first point is  concerned. A lot of TM teachers and
governors are not preoccupied with  making money at all, whether
quickly or slowly. They have a more spiritual  orientation to life and
are not so concerned with the accumulation of material 
> things. The gullibility and stupidity you ascribe to them seems
unfair, to say  the least. 
> --- In, akasha_108 <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > From I have seen in 35+ years,in and around the movement:
> > 
> > 1) TM teachers and govs are often preoccupied with making money
> > 
> > 2) TM teachers and govs are often open to "magical thinking",
often lack much critical evaluation, logic and analytical skills,  and
therefore are vulnerable to get-rich-quick schemes.  
> > 
> > 3) TM teachers and govs are often have talked the talk of
incredible undemonstrated stuff for so long, using TM slogans and
lingo, that BS can often make great sense to them "hey its just like
....". They do draw parallels and analogies as if this were a proof.
And worse yet, often the analogies are to nebulous, abstract unproven
stuff to begin with from TMO-world.

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