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My suggestion for the new name is based on the strong possibility that humans will be so short-sighted, stupid, and greed-driven that they'll bring an end to their own species within a few short years as the result of climate change and self-poisoning. In that case, the species that replaces us on the planet can call this the Anthropobsceneperiod. :-)
/You don't sound very positive, or even spiritual anymore. Apparently you no longer believe in spirits or Buddhas. What happened - did you read a book or something?//
//Over the years you seem to have lost your optimism. Apparently you got rejected by two cult groups years ago. You got beaten down a lot by Judy for over ten years. That's a lot of rejection!

But, I didn't realize that your trance-induction was so deeply embedded. It must be very difficult dealing with the suicide of your master, but have you ever considered seeing a cult exit counselor? You might need some medical help with your depression. //
//My advice to you would be to seek help from a professional and then get some good companionship, maybe get married and try to get your mind off of the negative aspects of your past - maybe take a honeymoon vacation somewhere nice for a change.

//Don't do anything rash, Barry. Good luck, seriously.

"Frederick Lenz passed away on April 12, 1998 in Long Island, New York. He was 48." - - The Three Village Herald, April 16

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  Anthropocene: is this the new epoch of humans?

A disparate group of experts from around the world will meet for the first time on Thursday for talks on what must rank as one of the most momentous decisions in human history.* The question confronting the scientists and other specialists is straightforward enough, even if the solution is far from simple. Is it time to call an end to the epoch we live in and declare the dawn of a new time period: one defined by humanity’s imprint on the planet? Anthropocene: is this the new epoch of humans? <http://www.theguardian.com/science/2014/oct/16/-sp-scientists-gather-talks-rename-human-age-anthropocene-holocene>

image <http://www.theguardian.com/science/2014/oct/16/-sp-scientists-gather-talks-rename-human-age-anthropocene-holocene>
Anthropocene: is this the new epoch of humans? <http://www.theguardian.com/science/2014/oct/16/-sp-scientists-gather-talks-rename-human-age-anthropocene-holocene> Geologists, climate scientists, ecologists – and a lawyer – to rule on whether impact of human life on Earth has pushed us into a new epoch
View on www.theguardian.com <http://www.theguardian.com/science/2014/oct/16/-sp-scientists-gather-talks-rename-human-age-anthropocene-holocene>
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* Engaging hyperbole?

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