from sal:
 ...not such a cheery post for a friday!

 from richard

  Has anything good ever happened to you?  and, finally, from ray:
 my thought exactly. does sal realize he comes off rather glum? 
 Have you ever considered seeing a cult exit counselor? You might even require 
medication for your depression. Do you get invited out to any social gatherings 
with other people? You seem kind of lonely. Go figure.
 You may have come to the wrong place to get help - you don't seem to respond 
to friendly conversation. I wonder what's up with that? Most people feel better 
when they have someone to talk to, but in your case you seem to just want to 
bring us all down.
 Apparently you and Barry missed out on the Age of Enlightenment part - and the 
Renaissance too. All those years seeking, wasted. Bitter. Disappointed. Sad. 

 From: salyavin808 <>
 Sent: Friday, October 17, 2014 12:48 PM
 Subject: [FairfieldLife] Has the New Age arrived?
   Anthropocene: is this the new epoch of humans?  A disparate group of experts 
from around the world will meet for the first time on Thursday for talks on 
what must rank as one of the most momentous decisions in human history.*
 The question confronting the scientists and other specialists is 
straightforward enough, even if the solution is far from simple. Is it time to 
call an end to the epoch we live in and declare the dawn of a new time period: 
one defined by humanity’s imprint on the planet?
 Anthropocene: is this the new epoch of humans?
 Anthropocene: is this the new epoch of humans? Geologists, climate scientists, 
ecologists – and a lawyer – to rule on whether impact of human life on Earth 
has pushed us into a new epoch

 View on 
 Preview by Yahoo 

 * Engaging hyperbole?



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