Claudia Mason: “TM recharges and relaxes me!”

Discovered at age thirteen whilst browsing for records, Claudia Masonplayed 
muse to a generation of photographic legends at the end of 90s and ushered in a 
new breed of supermodels with exotic beauty. Astonishing fashion editors and 
designers with her beguiling, hard to place mysterious looks, Mason has 
appeared in campaigns for Louis Vuitton, Fendi, and Versace. She has also 
hosted MTV’s fashion special, Fashionably Loud,and starred in several feature 
films (Outpatient; Celebrity) and theatre plays (Orpheus Descending).
Photo: Cover of US Harper’s Bazaar,December 1992. Patrick Demarchelier. 

Claudia Mason is an American model who has been featured on the covers of all 
the leading fashion magazines including Vogue, Elle, andCosmopolitan. In her 
recent blog entry, Mason wrote about her favourite spiritual practice – 
Transcendental Meditation.

“I love to meditate,” Mason wrote. “It’s the first thing I want to do when I 
wake up in the morning. It grounds me, clears my mind, calms my heart and 
energizes me for the day ahead.

I recently learned theTranscendental Meditation (TM) technique, and oh how 
sweet it is! Thanks to the wonderful facilitators at the David Lynch 
Foundation, I now have a daily meditation practice for the rest of my life. 
It’s a practice that you do twice a day for twenty minutes each time. It is 
totally doable and the rewards are vast.

Transcendental Meditation gives me a blissed-out feeling – the best high ever I 
swear! TM also recharges me besides deeply relaxing me, and it happens to be 
good for our brain cells as well as for every other part of our body.”

Watch Claudia Mason starring in the Enrique Iglesias music video Rhythm Divine:

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