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I just read today that the ISIS militants gave up their assaults on Korbani. They can't defend themselves against the bombs coming from the coalition warplanes. We can assume they've fled to save their asses.

/The real problem is the ideology - only boots on the ground for a generation or three will be able to re-educate the militant insurgent community and turn them away from terrorist activities. The U.S. and its allies were well on the way to establishing a new order in Iraq, but Obama dropped the ball. //Apparently he just didn't understand what we were trying to achieve. Go figure.

The only way the Middle East is going to get transformed is if we go in and make some changes to the ideology and rebuild the entire economy.//The U.S. did this for Germany and for Japan fifty years ago, but somewhere along the way we lost our direction and became passive - now we will have to pay./
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    These strikes should blunt the militants' will to capture the
    town.  For any reasonable fighter, one should quit the fight if
    one is heavily outgunned.  The militants are obviously sitting
    ducks against the US warplanes.  It's only a matter of days when
    they will quit and leave town.

    /The stated aim of the U.S. strategy is to “degrade and
    ultimately” destroy ISIS - that isn't happening and will never
    happen without someone putting boots on the ground. That's the
    problem - nobody wants to step up to the plate except the Kurds
    and a few Iraqi Shiites.

    The current strategy is not sustainable at $40 billion a year for
    the next 10 years.

    In the final analysis, someone is going to have to pay -the
    American voter will not be responsible for protecting the free
    world forever. The U.S. has thousands of troops stationed all over
    the world to protect Europe, the Middle East and the Far East.

    The question is, when will other nations start paying their fair
    share of the defense expense and let our boys come home for good?/

    "Yet, U.S. led air strikes – and the hoped for assistance from
    moderate Syrian rebels being trained by American advisers -- may
    not be nearly enough to thwart the heavily armed ISIS forces,
    according to some experts."




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