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According to a Syrian Ambassador. This is a complicated position for the Assad government to take. IOW, it's saying "we don't like the US and other countries invading our country, but it's a good thing they're killing our enemies. So, in effect, we're friends for the time being."

/I//t's complicated until you realize that all the Middle Eastern Islamic countries are terrorists in one form or another: Iran, Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

Obviously ISIS has received extensive support from Qatar, the Saudis, and Turkey to fight Iraq, Iran and Syria. ///There are no good guys to support in an Islamic civil war between Sunnis and Shiites. / //
//One thing is for sure, whatever we call them - IS, ISIL, or ISIS, they are the "Islamic State Army" and Abu Baquar al Bagdaddi is their leader. /



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