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Doncha love how people who believe in an invisible magic man in the sky like to 
portray those who don't as if *they* are the crazy ones.  Sometimes the sheer 
feeble-mindedness of believers astounds me. Or, as someone once said so well:

"Doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty is absurd."
-- Voltaire

I don't know about you, Salyavin, but it's difficult for me to imagine someone 
whose mind is so weak and whose fear of the unknown is so profound that they 
would exchange a belief in that which can never be proved
to exist ( doesn't) for the far more interesting and 
fulfilling sense of MYSTERY that is their birthright.  

I'm just enjoying the responses it gets whenever you say anything contrary to 
the POV of the believer. 

Exactly. Thanks for noticing, and getting it.

"Inquisition" actually is a pretty interesting documentary, BTW and deals with 
similar responses. 

Some of the weird fantasies that are getting projected on us are actually 
fascinating. If I could be bothered to read all of it I might start trying to 
classify it so we can use it to make predictions about what sort of abuse to 
expect per rational argument. There's got to be a use for FFL..

Careful, dude. That last sentence almost revealed belief that there might be a 
Plan behind all of this.  :-)  :-)  :-)

Leo Festinger would have been well into this place!

Don't know him. Should I?

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These are good quotes which adequately sum up the attitudes of atheists.

LOL, adequately sums them up if you want your own narrow viewpoint bolstered 
you mean.


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