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If ISIS used WMD in Baghdad, the tenor of the US response will change in equal or greater measure. I think Obama is believing that ISIS is an Arab problem and it should be resolved by the Arab nations in the Middle East. But, so far, no Arab nations have volunteered to help Iraq out by providing troops to fight the ISIS militants.
/There is not going to be any help from Arab nations because they are all Arab nations. The only criterion will be if a nation is a member of the Islamic Caliphate, or not. Every nation on the planet is the enemy if you don't support ISIS, the Sunni Islamic State Army. It's not complicated./

If the militants use WMD in the USA or any of the European countries who are members of NATO,
/It's not a matter of "if" - it's just a matter of when.
we'll find NATO forces back in Iraq very quickly to wipe out the ISIS threat.
/If anyone wanted to prevent the use of WMD they would have supported the U.S. invasion of Iraq and the subsequent occupation to find and destroy the WMD. Everyone knew that Saddam had stockpiles - that's why the U.S. invaded Iraq in the first place. There are no European troops on the ground in Iraq at this time, so that pretty much tells you who is going to support the U.S. goal of "degrading and destroying" ISIS./

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Remember how W. and Chaney "lied" because there "never" were WMD's in Iraq? Heh Heh.

Didn't you read the NYT article? They found over 5000 individual bombs and artillery shells with mustard gas and sarin gas. They were NOT all found much less destroyed before Barack Hussein Ebola ordered US troops out of the country.

Anbar provice is still full of undocumented caches of these supplies. ISIS rules most of Anbar, so they may try to use these WMD to strike Baghdad.

After all - this is what you get from a neo-marxist.

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