7:45AM Awake. Darn! Overslept again, due to lack of alarm clock. All 
is bliss, all is bliss...take cold shower to eliminate thoughts of 
sex. Scrape tongue.
8:00AM settle down to do program. 
9:00AM still doing program.

9:16AM phone rings. Don't answer it. Supervisor from MAPI store 
calls, sounding both polite and tense, wondering where I am, since 
this is the fourth time this month I am late. I think, "Doing 
program is our most important work". 

All is bliss, all is bliss, start to get headache in middle of 
siddhis program. Foot goes to sleep. Pins and needles. All is bliss, 
all is bliss- Ow! Bumped butt really hard! Make note to buy new foam 
mattress for flying...
9:50AM Start to get thoughts of sex during lie down after flying. 
Quick, read sutras!!!

10:10AM Drinking MV tea, eating wheat-free toast and soy milk and 
kashi cereal. Finished. Guiltily wolf down two snickers bars. Scrape 
tongue again. All is bliss, all is bliss. Leave house through south 
entrance. Ooops!!! Pray to Guru Dev, walk back inside and leave 
through east entrance.

10:20AM Still trying to start 1981 Pontiac Sunbird. Problem 
compounded by salvation army polyester pants not warm enough for 
winter time. This world is so ignorant!!!... Finally car starts, 
start to back out of driveway. Suddenly Mercedes with tinted glass 
whips around corner. I slam on brakes, "Jai Guru Dev! [EMAIL PROTECTED]
F&cker!!!" I half-shout at the ignorant rakshasa bastard... all is 
bliss all is bliss all is bliss...

10:45AM Pull into parking lot of MAPI store, hurry inside, eyes 
downcast. "Jai Guru Dev, Fred!" says my boss. "Jai Guru Dev, Roger" 
I reply, and hurry to the back of the store, where I am hoping to 
brew some vata tea, to counteract my massive sugar rush from the 
snickers bars. All is bliss all is bliss all is bliss...

Noon. Finish selling coral beads, 2 big jars of honey, a Bhagavad 
Gita hardcover book, and 5 MAPI soy protein candy bars to a cute 
white girl in a dhoti. Really cute...all is bliss all is bliss all 
is bliss...

12:15AM The store staff and I do a noon meditation in the back room. 
Bhakti (birth name David...) locks his hands into some kind of mudra 
as he meditates. After we all come out, Roger begins to argue with 
Bhakti about whether he is following Maharishi by holding his hands 
that way while meditating. Bhakti just smiles at him, though I 
notice he slams the door of the meditation room when he leaves, with 
a harsh little laugh. Roger writes something down but I can't see it.

While eating my burnt fried tofu and mung beans for lunch, I start 
to have the most blissful experience. I.Am.Centered.In.Being. Wow! 
Waves of bliss wash over me! I feel more enlightened than anyone in 
the store! This is great! Jai Guru Dev! I can feel my face flushing, 
and a deep blissful silence pervades my...Oh SH*T!! Some asshole kid 
knocked over the incense display...again!

Jaigurudev all is bliss all is bliss...I'm hoping that the packs of 
incense that broke can be returned. Last time we sent them back to 
Devi Products, they weren't too happy about it. 

After about ten minutes, all is back to normal, except for yet 
another ding on Ganesh's trunk at the top of the display. All is 
bliss all is bliss all is bliss. I settle down, and pour myself my 
eighth cup of vata tea, and dip into my secret stash of m&m's...just 
picking out the yellow ones.  

2:00PM It is quiet at the store. Roger is reading Maharishi's 
translation of the Gita, again. It is such 
wonderful...Knowledge...Oh, the...Knowledge. Yeah...Chapter 2, verse 
45: Be.Without.The.Three.Gunas. Krishna, ManÂ…that is so cool. Roger 
starts to explain it, and that makes everyone in the store feel 
really good. Jai Guru Dev! I wonder if the Purusha men will be at 
group program tonight. They are here after being with Maharishi. I 
could really feel the bliss radiating from them last night. They are 
soooo enlightened! 

2:30PM Roger calls me into his office (the veggie storage room) and 
says that I can't go on the Almost Savoring Enlightenment course 
that starts next week. I know it is a test from the Absolute. I am 
very peaceful and take the decision with equanimity. It is what the 
Master wants. Jai Guru Dev...all is bliss all is bliss all is 
bliss...I think I was in CC earlier today. I'm pretty sure I was 

God, if only the ignorant world would recognize this precious, 
blessed knowledge we are so 
fortunatetoreceivefromMaharishiMaheshYogi...He IS divine. Too bad I 
couldn't convince my dad about that, living his corporate darkness 
f*cking ignorant ....all is bliss all is bliss all is bliss. At 
least I have radiated enough enlightenment so that he keeps sending 
me checks ... Cleansing the family dharma. All is bliss all is bliss 
all is bliss...

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