Barry, Like Freddie, you cannot accept that what goes around, comes around. 
People don't like you, because you are sadly, a shitty person, not because of 
some dark forces or low vibes attacking you. It is YOU, dude. You act like an 
arrogant judging ass-hole most of the time, and the world lets you know it. If 
that weren't the case, you wouldn't be so concerned about the few people left 
in this world who pay you any attention at all, on this forum. So, kindly fuck 
off, and shut the fuck up - I am so tired of your tales of personal oppression 
and woe. Your parents did a crap job of raising you to be a responsible adult, 
and now at 70, it is obviously too damned late. 

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 This is on my mind today because yesterday I watched the first installment of 
a recent British TV documentary called "Inquisition." I would recommend it -- 
with some reservations -- but to tell the truth it's all a bit mysterious and I 
don't know whether you could really find or watch it if I did recommend it. 

It was originally broadcast on UKTV's Yesterday channel, and pre-billed as 
"shocking." It was also pre-billed as being a "four-part series." I've only 
been able to find three episodes, so that causes me to wonder what happened to 
the fourth one? Not to mention the series itself, which it is somewhat 
difficult to find out information about. 

It *IS* shocking, and intentionally so. It is about as biased against the 
Catholic Church and religion in general as it is possible to be. It is also -- 
as much as I hate to admit this -- primarily historically accurate. The first 
episode (the only one I've watched) dealt with the origins of the Inquisition, 
and thus the Cathars and the Templars, two societies with which I have a 
somewhat scholarly relationship. I kept waiting for the announcer (who I hated) 
to say something I knew to be historically wrong as part of his rant against 
the maniacs in the Catholic Church who had perpetrated these atrocities...and I 
kept waiting, and waiting, and waiting. In that first episode, I only detected 
a handful of historical errors or inaccuracies, none of them major. 

Yes, the series' depiction of these times is biased. And yes, it is designed to 
be sensationalist. The violence and torture depicted in the first episode are 
graphic and horrific, and intentionally so. They are *also* historically 
accurate. The Catholic Church really did *do* all of these things to hundreds 
of thousands of fellow Christians, in the Church's first (but far from last) 

Anyway, I found myself thinking of this series -- and this mindset -- again 
this morning, after logging into Fairfield Life. So, for those who are 
interested in such things, I thought I'd pass along a few pointers to this 
series, even if you're not likely to be able to see it, possibly even in the UK.

Inquisition | Yesterday Channel

 "Inquisition" (2014) With Toby Green, John Kirk, Lucy Sackville. Visit IMDb 
for Photos, Showtimes, Cast, Crew, Reviews, Plot Summary, Comments, 
Discussions, Taglines, Trailers, Posters,...

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 Inquisition | Yesterday Channel 
Inquisition is a shocking four-part series exploring persecutions of heresy 
from history.

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