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I can say "aye," because I have a definition for the word, "god," with which my 
intellect can bat aside most of the usual anti-God debate points.

Awareness is God.  

BAM, done. 

 Wow, you must be easily pleased.

 Examine that statement.  (Almost anyone's definition of "awareness" will 
do....except that almost no one can define "awareness."  Heh.  And, no, I'm not 
asking for "consciousness" to be defined.)

What?  You're still here?  That wasn't enough "hard fact" for your inner 
scientist?  You need to do some experiments on "awareness," before you'll agree 
with me?  Sorry, it can't be done.  

 Uhu, who says?

 Awareness is not material, physical, or manifest in any manner, but, hoo boy, 
yep, apes-and-lower nervous systems manufacture a consciousness that insists it 

 I rather think that it is physical. It can be measured, it requires energy and 
a sophisticated nervous system to function. In fact, if you have the equipment 
you can't stop it functioning. Not without drugs or physical damage.

 I blame Descartes, the problem people make for themselves about consciousness 
(same thing as awareness I reckon, before you write in and complain that I 
changed the rules) is that they think because they can describe it it must be a 
thing, and lo and behold when they look there is no thing, thus it must be 
something ineffable. 

 The solution is that you've made a category error, consciousness isn't a thing 
it's a process. A verb instead of a noun. You will no more find consciousness 
in the brain than you'll find running in someone who is sitting still.

 That's what the contents of my brain think of it all and it's awareness of its 
contents can't be separated from it. And my awareness of that is what all the 
machinery is for. 

 I reckon.



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