I've been hearing about Bobcat Goldthwait's "Willow Creek" for some 
time.  It's a film about a couple who go to Sasquatch country in search 
of Big Foot and film their search.  it's a "found footage" film so be 
ready for plenty of "shaky cam."  I'm still trying to find what it was 
shot on because I think Bobcat went all authentic and even used a 
consumer cam rather than making Red camera footage look like that in post.

The film has been "in theaters" for month thoughs I don't know exactly 
what "theaters" that would be and priced streaming appropriately ($7).  
Thus I was pleased to discover that Amazon has it for 99 cents and 
rented it to watch last night.  I found the film entertaining though it 
has been very controversial in the film community.  Probably tame enough 
for most folks here except for those who hate the "found footage" genre.


After watching you might enjoy this clip with Bobcat and the two principals.


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