You're certainly free to believe whatever you want even if it is gomaya.

On 10/18/2014 05:04 PM, [FairfieldLife] wrote:

Barry 2 opines:

My POV is that "god" and the "universe(s)" is just one big machine that we're all a part of. And we're just along for the ride and button pressed to start the ride in this amusement park was pressed "billyuns and billyuns" of years ago. Sorry you can't change the route the ride takes even if you think you have.

Gotta agree.
Barry 2 is that very machine running on auto.
No consciousness, no awareness need be implied.
Intelligence? Choice? Pfaaa.
His comments were programmed billyuns of years ago.
That's what you get on the ride that no one started.
That ride is called The Automaton Barry-2 and NO ...
you can't get your money back.

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