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I can say "aye," because I have a definition for the word, "god," with which my 
intellect can bat aside most of the usual anti-God debate points.

Awareness is God.  

BAM, done. 

 Examine that statement.  (Almost anyone's definition of "awareness" will 
do....except that almost no one can define "awareness."  Heh.  And, no, I'm not 
asking for "consciousness" to be defined.)

What?  You're still here?  That wasn't enough "hard fact" for your inner 
scientist?  You need to do some experiments on "awareness," before you'll agree 
with me?  Sorry, it can't be done.  Awareness is not material, physical, or 
manifest in any manner, but, hoo boy, yep, apes-and-lower nervous systems 
manufacture a consciousness that insists it is.  

Proceed to computations....I mean, go figure.

Now, if you've got a complaint about any particular religion, have at it, I'd 
probably agree with ya.  

The history of religious institutions' insane embrace of slaughter easily 
triggers such negativity in my nervous system that I cannot toss a first stone 
at anyone who's thrown God out with the "Religions' bathwaters."  I understand. 
 Easy thing to do.  Done it myself at several points in my ongoing maturation 

But not anymore.

If you want to bitch about "faith" being illogical, I'm listening, but most 
examples of "faith" are relatively benign.  So, to beat up folks who have never 
had two fact-based thoughts in a row is like using an AK47 to obtain a 
fish.....in a barrel.  Where's the sport in this?

A parrot can say, "There is no such thing as God."  Ya know?  

And most humans who say it, say it with about the same amount of resonance.  
Just something to say.  Like that.  

To KNOW that there is no God.....there's the rub.  Certainty is the ego's 
addiction, and that's what bothers atheists -- they can't nail it down. They 
can't prove it in words or numbers. They can shut up the believers with logic 
because logic (despite the calculus) doesn't apply to infinity -- ask any 
physicist who comes across a sleeping eight in a formula.  

An atheist is religiously asserting a strongly held BELIEF, instead of being 
syllogistically certain.  Big damned difference. Big.

And an agnostic is a person who has not yet achieved clarity about the 
unknowable, undefinable, never-not-there, sentient without consciousness, 
absolute -- awareness.

If you're not enlightened, you're an agnostic.  

And if so, you're fucked.  Cuz, you'll always be clinging to consciousness like 
an addict to the needle.  Always waiting for the next thought to define 
you-as-you-are-now-even-though-you-won't-be-it-anon.   BAH, talk about tawdry 
relationships -- constantly iterating fealty to the bloody percolations of two 
pounds of meat.  It's downright sodomy.

And to those who believe in God without awareness-clarity and say, "But but 
but, Edg, I have soooooo many beautiful loving worshiping thoughts about the 
gloriousness of creation.  All around I see proof of God's existence."  -- I 
reply, "Piss off, addict."  Ain't no cookery trick worth a lick in the divine 
candy store.  

Give me silence without all the heavy breathing.  That'll do.

 Nicely done. Those words are just slaves to your mastery. Love it.


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