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Curtis, as jr. says, you guys say there is no God. Its not like it is ambiguous.

M: But I don't say this. I say I see no reason to believe in one. There is a 
huge difference between these statements. I am amazed that I cannot communicate 
this difference effectively because it keeps coming back misstated. 

I keep trying to explain this to you, Curtis. You cannot convey this simple 
PEA.  :-)

Here, let me demonstrate. I shall make a statement about what I actually 
believe. Then wait to see how long it takes one or both of these idiots to come 
back claiming that I said the exact opposite:

I do not believe that there is any need 
to either hypothesize the need for a God,
or to believe in the existence of one. 

I do NOT declare that "There is no God,"
because that seems to be obvious.
Even those who claim to believe in one 
can't produce him/her/it.

Now, how long will it take before these two mental midgets transform what I 
said above into me "declaring my absolute belief that there is no God" and thus 
demonstrating that "atheism is my religion?" 

I admire Curtis his patience at dealing with these mental midgets, but I don't 
have that level of patience. I'd rather just point out how idiotic their 
beliefs are, ask them once again to PROVE their beliefs, and then sit back and 
watch. Unlike Curtis, who seems to think that he can actually communicate to 
these two numbnuts, I have no such illusions. Within a couple of days (probably 
less), they'll be back claiming the same things about what I supposedly believe 
that they always do, which is always 180 degrees opposite from what I actually 

You really just CAN'T deal rationally with minds this weak. So I've given up 

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