Agreed Buck. There has been many Crop Circles in the USA, particularily in 
California during the past few years but they are rather poorly documented so 
far, hopefully this will change.  If the one you post is a genuine Crop Circle 
is impossible to say from a picture. The straws has to be examined; are they 
bent or broken, is there mud or footprints in the formation, and what kind of 
radiation is found within the circle and so forth. Also the actual design will 
often give a clue, if it depicts humans in some form or another they are seldom 
genuine but rather part of some ad-campaign.

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 Nablusoss, crop circles are appearing on the continental US too. I feel it is 
a sign of the spiritual-but-not-religious generation of this new born 
millenarian generation coming along.  A further indication of the coming of the 
Age of Enlightenment.
 Jai Guru Dev, -Buck



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