Yup, Fleet and Wgm4u are right. We Transcendentalists don't have to be 
 We simply are knowers by virtue of experience. I ain't no true- believer, 
 I know what I know by experience. I yam what I yam. 
  Transcendentalism meditation beliefs? Hah. Who you talking about? Not me.
 We experienced transcendentalists go way back and beyond in time. 
  We know what we are talking about by experience.. 

 “We have a belief that we need not to believe in. No dogmas, no ritual,
  no mythology, no churches, no priest, no holy book -what a relief!” 
  -Frederick Franck
 Yep, I'm a satisfied customer of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi that way.  Use what is 
 useful and leave the rest behind, by experience.
 Jai Guru Dev,
 -Buck in the Dome


wgm4u writes: 

 Fleet is right..... 
fleetwood_macncheese wrItes :

 uh...Barry...you being a former TM teacher and all, Maharishi wasn't talking 
about subjective experience, constituting objective proof, for anyone else, 
only for the subject, and only in a life of enlightenment.  

 The meme for waking state is to always doubt experience, and it is an 
appropriate caution, for such a state of immature consciousness. But, as we 
grow up, and see waking state for what it is, a very incomplete picture of 
life, the subjective, and objective experience merges. So much easier that way, 
going about life, knowing what to do, to help others, and ourselves. Again, it 
is a personal thing, for each of us to personally evaluate, for ourselves, 
regarding our own experience. 

---In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, <turquoiseb@...> wrote :

I must be prescient, having just said: 


 "I honestly think that a large part of the problem is that many of the players 
on the Believer side of this particular discussion have been indoctrinated by 
Maharishi not only with poor critical thinking skills, but with an actual false 


 "That is, they believe that their subjective experience constitutes objective 


 "It doesn't, and never will."


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   Turq-No one can *prove* the existence of God to you or anybody else! God can 
only be proven to yourself through your own *experience*. God is a subjective 
reality, and as MMY used to say, "The proof is in the pudding", ie the taste!

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