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I eavesdrop mercilessly, and the only people
talking about it are doing it in english- with british or american
accents. The riots are happening, but they're the _expression_ of one
community far on the outskirts of Paris AND from what the local news
reports they're on a serious decline. It's unfortunate that the people
behind the rioting are so incredibly justified for their anger, but
Paris is not on fire."
This is far closer to what is being reported on Fox. Rioting and car burning is in the suburbs outside of Paris and other towns through out France. But Paris is relatively quiet. The French seem to be too embarrassed to talk about it. Unemployment among the French is around 10% but among the immigrant population and their children it's closer to 40 or even 50%! Unfortunately many of the rioters are heard to be shouting "God is great" and "this is Baghdad". Also unfortunately, the French have a reputation of looking down their  noses at foreigners which probably pisses the immigrants off even more.

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