From: John Allon [] 
Sent: Sunday, October 19, 2014 3:13 PM
Subject: Can you give me a ride from Cedar Rapids airport on Tuesday afternoon?






My apologies for the group e-mail, but I am sending many copies of this message 
and need a response quickly, so the message has to go out to each of you right 


Greetings from North Carolina. Rosanne and I finished a 1000-mile road trip to 
Durham on Friday night. I will be flying back to Iowa on Tuesday afternoon Oct 
21, & I need a ride from Cedar Rapids airport.  My flight is scheduled to 
arrive at 12:45PM. >>Can you help?


> If you can't pick me up at 12:45, but you could do so somewhat later, I have 
> 2 other options:

1. If you could arrive a bit later [45 min., 1 hour, etc], I could wait for you 
at the airport.

2. If you could come later in the afternoon, I can take a flight that arrives 
at 4:05PM [also could wait extra time for that flight].


Of course I will gladly cover your cost of gas for your car. If you don't have 
a car but can spare the time to pick me up, you can use my car, and I can 
arrange for you to get the key from my next door neighbor. If you need some 
compensation for your time, I can offer something modest, but I would like to 
avoid paying the $80/$100 (or more) charged by the paid ride services in 


If you are not free to help but know someone who could, please check with 
him/her as soon as possible and let me know by early evening today. Best way to 
reach me is to call 323-908-3239 [not a cell, but it's a number that will reach 
me (or voice mail) here in NC]. You can also reply via e-mail.


Thanks in advance for taking the time to reply.


Best regards,









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