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 Yes, they are both a piece of work. I think both of them take extreme views, 
in social settings, because both of them feel to be outsiders, in the world 
they inhabit. Their position reminds me of that of the most vociferous born 
again "christians", often found proselytizing, while working minimum wage jobs. 

 These are not successful people, Barry and Curtis. Both are white, from upper 
middle class backgrounds, privileged as American citizens, and each with a 
college degree. Yet, not a hill of beans, between them. I am not necessarily 
talking about material possessions, but things like strength of character, 
foresight, humility, social intelligence, and a simple ability to achieve that 
which they set out to do. All of this, is lacking in them. 

 So, being emotionally immature, and intellectually lazy, they begin to show 
their discontent with society, that it hasn't rewarded them for their bad 
decisions. They profess atheism, and go all out against God, and enlightenment, 
and any sort of spiritual endeavor that they don't approve of. They see 
themselves failing by societies norms, and have now taken the position, that, 
"You can't fire me, I quit!"

 But, the argument that only they are right, and the rest of the world, as 
represented by the other members of this forum, is wrong, is clearly not sane 

 Not that it matters but I don't put Curtis anywhere in the same ball park as 
bawee. Although I don't agree with Curtis on some of his stances or his 
sometimes very acerbic way of communicating these stances I see Curtis as a 
creative guy, well versed in his passion of blues/music and who cares enough 
about the planet to be teaching and giving back to young people in a school 
district that doesn't appear to be a place that is a walk in the park. I also 
see Curtis as someone who has gotten softer and gentler here over the few short 
years I have been around. Just my unimportant and random opinion. Curtis is 
more than capable of a civilized and well thought out response whereas bawee 
has a chronic case of burr-up-his-ass that appears to be a terminal condition.



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