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 Bhairitu, I heard "they" raved over Anne Hathaway's accent in Becoming Jane, 
the fic bio of Jane Austin.


 Yup, she could pass for a native. But why they got a Merican to play her in 
the first place is beyond me. Ditto, Bridget Jones. Not that I actually saw 
either movie but the local talent must have felt a slap in the face.

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 I recall how everyone raved at Renee Zellweger's British accent in "Bridget 
Jones Diary" but I thought it was horrible.  These days though it's possible 
for American actors to have good foreign accents.  I think back in the day that 
there was more demand for foreign actors to do American accents than for 
American actors to do foreign accents.  But now there are good voice coaches 
who can make an American sound like they're from across the pond.  In some 
cases this is due to accent reduction courses for Americans wanting to work or 
teach in other countries.  In our computer age a lot of the accent reduction 
principles have been reduced to a short list to help anyone lose their accent 
when needed.
 I became familiar with this trying to help my tantra guru find some accent 
reduction courses and tutors in the SF Bay Area and they are plentiful here.
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   I am fascinated with English and American accents, especially when each, 
does the other's. I have found that when English actors do American accents, 
they are far more successful, than the reverse. My reasoning is that the 
English are in general better actors, that they take the craft a bit more 

 I have also read that when an American tries to sound, "English", a native of 
England hears several distinct accents, from different areas of the country, 
and social strata, whereas 'American' has a more homogenized accent, and may be 
easier to emulate. The 17th century English accent in the sample, sounded Irish 
to me. 
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 And how to read Shakespeare correctly!

 5 things you never knew about your accent - Telegraph
 5 things you never knew about your accent - Telegraph Why English people sound 
American when they sing, and other intriguing linguistic theories

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