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 No alcoholics in my immediate family. Sometimes I just like crusty old 
bastards. I have to shut down now. I have a couple of prescriptions I have to 
fill at the local hospital. They want to stick some needles in this old body of 
mine so they can construct a time line to the grave. There was no one in my 
family like Barry by the way. My best friend, who lives several thousands of 
miles away, whom I met in what is here called middle school, is a crusty old 
atheist scientist. He has no conception of spirituality at all and never seems 
interested in philosophical discussions. So this place, FFL, provides an 
opportunity for discussion, with its varied and mostly insane clientèle. 
Perhaps I am a lawyer; every scoundrel deserves a defence; would you deny Barry 
counsel? Free speech has a hard, sharp edge to it, especially to wimpy, 
contracted minds unaccustomed to thinking. You do all right though, there is 
hope for you.

 Lucky you having an addict-free home. You are in the minority I fear. 

 Good luck at the hospital - I have a visceral fear of the place. I definitely 
don't want to die in one.

 Crusty old bastards are fine as far as they go but after a while it gets a 
little old when they can only continue to sing middle C and then bang on the 
piano until the keys fall off.
I had a nice conversation with a driver carrying a biomedical hazard container 
in the elevator, and in fact he would be back in the later afternoon to collect 
the blood samples that were taken from me today by the lab vampires. I have no 
fear of hospitals, perhaps that is because without a hospital and their staffs 
and doctors, I would not be here, though I know a lot of people who have great 
trepidation when it is required they visit one. 

 As for pianos, I would give them a violin. To get middle C you need to put the 
first finger in third position on the g-string pressing it to the finger board 
to get that note, and then you have to coordinate that with a stroke of the 
bow, and unlike a piano, if you are not skilled, you will miss the note. More 
variety that way. A cheap violin is a lot easier to replace than the complex 
piano. If they get frustrated, they might break it and silence ensues. Besides 
dirty old men like g-strings; that might hold their rapt attention better than 
a piano.

 Now that last paragraph contains an equivocation which is using a word with 
two different senses as if it had only a single sense. This invalidates a 
logical argument. Arguments about the existence or non existence of god often 
contain equivocations, and they are not easy to spot, especially for someone 
like me, who is not trained in philosophy. The Kalam argument contains a great 
potential for equivocation. Also the word argument in logic has a different 
meaning than the word argument used to mean a dispute.


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