There are some curious things that have been uncovered on Mars lately.  Aside 
from this petroglyph, there is also an article today about an elongated skull 
found on the planet as well. 

 Is that an elongated human skull on Mars? 
 Is that an elongated human skull on Mars? Mars 
is one of our closest neighbors in the solar system, yet it remains a mystery. 
Watch this video to feed your curiosity about the red planet!
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 One wonders about an intriguing statement that was made by the chief of NASA 
earlier this month.  Has NASA found something that shows there was past life on 
Mars?  And, what type of life was it?

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 I think it is entirely possible that intelligent beings could have lived on 
Mars millions of years ago and evidence of their existence may still remain 
there.  But it will probably take a country antagonistic to the NASA "prime 
directive" of not revealing such to alert earth creatures to this.  But 
remember they wouldn't necessarily resemble us to exist as an intelligent 
being.  That's just human vanity.
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   Were there humanoids living on Mars millions of years ago?


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