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 Barry isn't mentioned in Mark Laxer's book Take Me For A Ride, if that's what 
you're thinking. That's because Barry, contrary to his claims, was probably NOT 
a member of the inner circle of the Lenz group.

 He actually said that in his little tome "Roadtrip Mind". He had a habit of 
meeting up with Lenz when they both had their dicks out taking a pee. Sounds 
pretty profound to me.
 What I want to know is why is Barry trying to make us think he was a big shot 
in a dangerous cult, setting up various snow men, and then criticizing others 
for his own cognitive dissonance? 
 This activity of Barry has all the clear indications of Narcissistic 
Personality Disorder (NPD), in which a person is excessively preoccupied with 
personal adequacy, power, prestige and vanity, and unable to see the 
destructive damage they are causing to themselves and to others in the process.
 Barry sucks as an cult exit counselor! 
 The question is why is he going to great lengths to plant misleading and false 
messages in order to get angry responses from others so he can resolve his own 
mental dissociation? It's beginning to look like Barry is an informant of some 
kind. Go figure.  
 Where is Dr. Pete when we need him? 


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