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 What I find funniest is how Barry always compares his cretinous intelligence 
to the rest of us, in a boastful way - very entertaining.

 Yes, I must admit bawee is the funniest one here, on a sort of perverse and 
twisted level of 'funny', I admit. I have never, ever in my life associated 
with anyone remotely like him in offline life. I mean, how could one stand it? 
This person would be throwing out all these outrageous statements, all the 
while preening in the nearest mirror (BTW, there was an interesting account at 
the beginning of his little fluff piece 'Roadtrip Mind' about Lenz primping in 
the mirror in the bathroom after having shared a piss together) and meanwhile 
repeating himself over and over in the hopes and dreams of getting a rise out 
of his audience. How tiresome would that be day after day? Still, I do enjoy 
seeing, up to a point, what silly things come out of his mouth here at FFL but 
I genuinely do wish he's change it up once in a while.


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