Thanks to the LR (lurking reporter) who wrote to me to point out that Ann and 
Jim are currently obsessing non-stop about me -- writing post after post after 
post, having admitted to having read two books about Rama to fuel their 
obsession and give them "research material" for it. 

At the same time they're doing this, all while denying that they're obsessed 
with me, the LR happened to notice that they're giving me shit about being an 
atheist at the same time they are gushing about how much they love a guy who 
is...wait for of the most famous atheists in the world of 
entertainment, Ricky Gervais:

What they seem unaware of is that his hilarious movie about a society in which 
lying has never been invented was an extended metaphor for his feelings about 
religion; that is, that ALL religion is by definition lying. 
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