dear rick,
I saw my name mentioned in one of the recent posts
regarding deeksha. I just got back on fflife tonite so
here is my reply which is followed by a mailing i sent
out here in texas.
   I know things sometimes get kind of rough on fflife
so i am not going t o argue or get into intellectual
and philosophical discussions about it.

i do not take Bhagavan as my guru and I do not intend
to defend him or his stated goals of bringing
enlightenment to the masses. I have only my
experiences to go on and the experiences of others
with whom i have discussed this.This is about
experiences, not talking about experiences. I was not
looking for another path. It is not a technique, or a
or a religion. I have not been asked to recruit anyone
or send them any money, even though I charge for
giving deeksha. 
I called the monk in charge of organizing the US for
Bhagavan and told her about the distraught Indian
fellows post. I wanted to know what the deal
seems he conveniently failed to mention that they
allow the Indians to take the 21 day process for free
if they recruit 30 people. So perhaps his "pressure"
was self induced. Whatever... I heard Ammachi say
recently"dont expect to be praised for your good
works." I imagine the fellow has an axe to grind  and
if his complaint is legitimate so be it. It is a young
organization so there will be a learning curve.
(Ithink we all have experienced the learning curve). 

I have only been getting deeksha since July but I now
understand why people are so excited about it.
Meditation has been my favorite sadhana but i admit i
was like a rock. Meditation had often been very good
but that was about it. After deeksha i had fantastic
bliss along with waking state witnessing that was
unmistakable. It was not like, "Am i witnessing or
just thinking about witnessing." It was strong and
intense. Now there is frequent causeless joy.
 i can appreciate what Bhagavan is doing now that i
saw the immensity of the structures and campuses that
he has built and is building. There are 4 campuses in
Golden City. Our accomodations had A/C, good drinking
water on all the floors and were clean and beds made
for us every day. it was designed with westerners in
mind. Three other tm teachers were on my course. Even
Purusha was represented.

   JAcque, the  former national leader of Holland, is
giving deeksha in Lelystad, the TM siddha village
outside of amsterdam. He, of course told MMY what his
experience was wit h deeksha, and MMy did  not
disapprove of his intentions. Jacque felt he should
resign as national leader because of a conflict of
interest perhaps. He was not asked to step down.  I
believe this month he is bringing a group of TM
teachers to Golden City, near Chennai to be trained in
deeksha. Sri Sri ravi Shankar, Chalanda Ma, the healer
Ron Roth have all been wit hBhagavan recently and now
give deeksha. I dont know how well trained Chalanda
Ma's people are since I believe (i could be mistaken)
she trained them herself. If you want to experience
deeksha i would go with nathan zanick.
Since most of the time we were in silence i did not
get to discuss very much wit hothers altho a danish
fellow told me the story of his healing of his torn
meniscus in the middle of the nite the first nite he
was there. I had my own healing miracle done by the
doctor on the premises. My life is  blissful every
One thing troubled me. I realized that my body was not
my body and tha t my thoughts were not my
thoughts.Then the dasa told us we were just a concept,
that we didnt really exist. i told my roommate i was
pissed. first i am not my body, then i am not my
thoughts and then i dont even exist. I paid thousands
of dollars for this ?
he responded,"What are you worrying about? It wasnt
your money."
here is the email i sent out t ofriends in texas.
its my story and i am sticking to it.!!!

Dear friends,

   As some of you may know I have recently moved back
to my house in Austin. I am glad to be home. I got
back sept.16 and promptly left for India on sept. 30.
Now I am here to stay. I will tell you my story
briefly because it is an exciting one for me and the
many thousands of others.
   For a variety of reasons I had decided in July of
2005 to leave the Devi Mandir where I had been with
my guru Shree Maa for 6 years. I had planned to return
to austin  by oct. 1. In late july a TM friend and a
member of the Devi Mandir family, Steven Shimer, said
to me at his house in Fairfield, California, "Steve, I
have made more spiritual progress in the last 3 weeks
than I have made in the last 10 years."  I asked what
he was doing and he and Kathy Unger, his wife told me
they were going to Berkeley each week for deeksha. Of
course I asked what was deeksha. He explained to me
that some people had been to India and been trained by
two saints, Bhagavan and Amma, to transmit the Divine
energy into peoples crown chakra and that they would
begin a rapid process of enlightenment or awakening.
   I trusted Steve and Kathy completely and i went.
Each of the first 3 times I went I found it pleasant
but nothing to get excited about. Some people loved it
right from the start. I went a 4th time and I thought
my socks would get blown right off my feet.
The bliss was intense and I could barely walk or
drive. WOW!!!! This was what they were talking about.
I decided to stay in the Bay area and really check it
out. Other friends checked it out also. Fantastic was
the final decision. I have had the spiritual
experiences I had been reading about for decades. And
I continue to have some of them daily and they
continue to
deepen. I had given up on enlightenment. I knew many
spiritual people from many different disciplines. The
one thing they had in common was they talked about
enlightenment. If anybody had it, well...... it
certainly was not for the masses. Even those who did
hard sadhana had very little to show for it.
   Bhagavan and Amma are avatars whose specialty is
enlightenment. They have trained me to pass on this
Divine energy through deeksha. There is no teaching,
no techniques to do, nothing to read. Just come and
receive deeksha with an attitude of gratitude.
Bhagavan calls himself a technician. Just as you sit
in the chair and open your mouth for the dentist, so
you sit in the chair and let the person place the
Golden energy into your head. Thats it.

If you are so moved, come to my house in Radiance and
receive deeksha:
        Tuesday, Nov 15
        7:30 pm- 9:30 pm
        1 Concord Circle
        Austin, Texas 78737
        suggested donation- $25 - $35

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