Yes you got the spirit of my thoughts, and thanks for chiming in.    The heart 
of it was this sentence:  ' I include anything that is physical/material, or 
anything that interacts with the physical/material.'

especially the   . . . "and anything that interacts with the physical/material"

because believing in anything that does not interact with the physical seems 
foolish no matter how one slices it . . . . and if it interacts with the 
physical, then it should be within the prevalence of science.

So, to pull off an honest belief in God - - - to be a believer in the 
nonphysical (spiritual), it sure looks to me like you got to believe there is 
no matter/physicality, its all mind or consciousness, and believing this is 
some hard task, especially since we get countless reminders every day how hard 
and edgy the world is.

So it's best to skip the believing part and go straight to the knowing of it, 
it's one's only chance.   Pretty much all of us here in FFL gave it a decent 
shot . . . and whether or not we felt any progress or not, we either gave it up 
or kept going (with TM or anything).    I am keeping on but careful not to 
ascribe any meaning to anything I discover(therefore I am an atheist).

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